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    Vario Helicopter on TV : Ground Resonance

    It is great to work at Vario Helicopter, part 566


    Today Sandy Jaffee visited from Pennsylvania, our mate since a long time.Thanks for visiting, Sandy! He gathered some information about the Vario Chinook that is coming out very soon. At the same time a production team from Germany's No.1 science tv programm ("Galileo" on the channel "Pro 7") visited, too. Producer, camera people and Harro Füllgrabe were here to find out more about ground resonances as a helicopter phenomenon. For this, they have been visiting Airbus Helicopter in Donauwörth the day before. Today, they wanted to do some practical exercise on a helicopter model related to the topic. Just to mention this: it is incredible how difficult it is, to bring a Vario Heli to ground resonances. Our technicans had a lot to improvise in order to provoke them. Once they managed to make them visible, we still were pleased to see how hard it is to destroy a Vario heli. It took us a lot of tricks and attempts! An exciting and interesting day. We are proud of our helis. Thanks to Ann Ruhe and her team!


    2014, August, 6th-9th:

    This year Vario Helicopter participated as a manufacturer at IRCHA the world’s largest RC helicopter event. The IRCHA  jamboree wass held at Muncie, Indiana in the USA .



    Having recently purchased the 1/4 scale EC 120 and all the needed components for it, I have to say what a pleasure to build, both the helicopter itself AND the mechanics etc.

    Have gone electric on this one and modified the boom to be removable, all I can say is many thanks for producing a first class kit of parts to build this amazing helicopter.

    I have got the flying weight to 17.5 KG, but it will creep to 18.5 KG when full cockpit fitted etc, that weight is flight ready with all lipo's on board etc.

    Just a little message to let you know everyone who invests in this model should be very happy indeed.