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Radio Controlled Model Helicopters

    The brand new Lama with 1.80 m rotor disc

    The fuselage Ord.No. 3005 will be available on May 27 2017.

    (Photo: Michael Laskus -

    Impressions of the Showroom Bash

    Event: Showroom Bash

    The renovation of our showroom is finally complete.
    Let us celebrate this with you on January, 27th 2017 - 2 pm at Vario, Gräfendorf!
    Please register (free) by writing an email to

    Happy birthday, Rolf!

    Yesterday was a wonderful day. I still feel enchanted by this beautiful event. Rolf is the oldest active Vario pilot, as far as I know. He had invited me to his 80st anniversary. No. 80 in his life full of passion for helicopters. I came with pleasure and we spent a wonderful afternoon. The "Rouladen" (German meat rolls) and the "Spätzle" (southern German kind of pasta) were sooo delicious. Compliments to the cook Karin, who is not less enthusiastic when it comes to helicopters. Full of pride, Rolf has shown his Vario fleet. He could demonstrate his flight skills on this year's Vario event, when flying the large Vario turbine Jet Ranger in front of the spectators. This is a man who is passionate about his hobby. Passion keeps you young. The text on the greeting card, that I have been writing for him, came from the deepest of my heart. And this is how he also was understanding it. He wants to hang it on the wall in his living room. The frame he will make hisself, as he is a skilled carpenter. Finally, I want to mention that 4 people were sitting round the table on this very special afternoon. Both had the same star sign, which is called "helicopter". Thank you, Rolf and Karin for the invitation. Yours, Kirsten

    Vario catalogue 2017 - available soon

    Mathias Fischer's Agusta @ Wind Energy 2016

    With more than 27 years of experience in commercial air transportation, Heliservice has established a core competence in offshore aviation by transporting personnel and cargo to and from wind farms, research and construction vessels as well as transporting injured personnel. Vario team pilot Mathias Fischer was building his Vario Agusta AW 139 like the real one from the HeliService fleet. In the last week of September, on the fair “Wind Energy 2016” in Hamburg, Mathias and his Agusta joined the HeliService team at their stand and really added a highlight to it. Great job, Mathias!

    New team pilot Sandy Jaffe

    We welcome our new team pilot Sandy Jaffe (U.S.A.) who maintains the longest, most loyal and passionate contact to the Vario company. He was one of the first to fly the NOTAR system. You can meet him at many flight events in the U.S. where he doesn't let an opportunity pass to fly his Vario models.

    Read his portrait here

    Chinook V2

    Now Available! Version 2 of the popular Vario Chinook.

    For the summer of 2016 Vario have given the Chinook fuselage a total face lift, The new fuselage is now the same GFK quality as other fuselages produced since 2014. The fuselage has more external detail especially around the upper domes and transmission tunnel. All fuselage moldings  including the doors have been completely revised and to further complement the new fuselage a set of smart bubble windows are now included.
    Like the full size you can equip the Chinook with contra rotating dome covers.

    Ord.No. 4800 - Fuselage Chinook

    Vario distributor & team pilot Nicolas Aubert

    We welcome our new team pilot: Nicolas Aubert

    New team pilot Laurent Gras

    We welcome our new team pilot: Laurent Gras

    ROTOR Live 2016

    On Saturday/Sunday we would be pleased to welcome you and have a chat with you at the ROTOR Live fair in Iffezheim/Germany! See you there!

    DMAX - Die Modellbauer 18.12.2015

    We have a TV-tip for the RC Heli fans: On the upcoming Friday, the 18.12., a new season of the famous series ''Die Modellbauer'' is starting. And twice in five episodes, Vario machines will be built. A BO 105 CBS with Michael Hindelang and an Agusta AW139 with Bernd Zimmermann and Hartmut Scherer. In the end, both the models must enter a challenge against each other. Showstart at 21:15 hrs. Enjoy the show.

    A nice visit from Sweden

    Today, Friday, 9th of October 2015: Eigil and Pontus made it all the way from Sweden to Vario Helicopter just for a coffee, to watch a ride with the Chinook and to carry home a Vario Aircrane. The experience to see the Chinook in flight struck Egil with awe. After the flight of the Chinook he said: “I am sure this is a key model for Vario and will be a top seller as it appears to be very easy to fly.” Demo pilot Peter confirmed the ease in piloting this machine. Both the Swedish fellows liked to discover the Chinook: They kept asking questions and gathered a lot of information about it:

    the special Chinook heads that are damped in many axes, the one freewheel on one shaft going through the whole length of the mechanics, the Pyro 850-40 that provides a lot of power for the 8.5 kg take-off weight, the 12 S Lipo that let Peter fly 10 minutes at a stretch, the BD SX that provides easy flying, the great sound, the acrobatic flight style that is allowed by the mechanics and the ease of fitting the fuse into the mechanics.

    Thank you for your visit, both of you and we do hope that you have a safe trip home with your German car, on the German Autobahn!

    JetPower 2015

    This year a big team represented Vario at the Jetpower fair. The airshow of the pilots Robin Adamschak, Peter Holtackers, Francis Paduwat and Dennis Engel was dynamic and attracted enthusiastic viewers. So many that after the airshow there was a rush of people at our stand. People especially liked the classic Hughes 500E from Vario, which was excellently presented by Peter.

    The brand new Vario fleece jacket

    We're proud to present our new Vario fleece jacket!

    The Fleece Jacket is light and fluffy, also slightly water resistant and thereby dries quickly. A sticker with the Vario Helicopter logo is present on the left side of the chest. The EC 135 from the Vario logo made of brushed steel is attached to the zipper, which is also an ornament for the wearer.

    You can find it in the online shop.


    We're back from IRCHA where we had a wonderful time!

    Impressions of IRCHA 2015 in Muncie, Indiana, USA

    Today an email from the winner of our BO-105 fuselage reached us:

    Miss Zodtner,

    I am writing you to thank you so very much for awarding me a new Vario BO-105 at the IRCHA scale event August 8, 2015. I was so excited, and very humbled when my name was announced as the winner for Best New Scale Impression. I cannot thank you and Vario enough for this amazing award. I have been having so much fun building my Vario Turbine Airwolf (#2004) and am looking forward to my new Vario BO-105 scale build! I am so glad that I chose a Vario fuselage as my first major scale build. Vario’s commitment to the Scale community is unparalleled and I consider your products the standard by which all others are judged.

    Thank you again so much for my new Vario BO-105 fuselage! I will endeavor to represent the Scale community and Vario with pride and honor.

    Yours Truly and Proud Vario Customer,

    Steve Smith

    Vario Event 2015

    "Thank you" to all visitors, pilots, exhibitors and contributors of the Vario Event 2015. Without you it wouldn't have been possible to host this great event.

    Here you can find some impressions

    Vario Helicopter on TV : Ground Resonance

    It is great to work at Vario Helicopter, part 566


    Today Sandy Jaffee visited from Pennsylvania, our mate since a long time. Thanks for visiting, Sandy! He gathered some information about the Vario Chinook that is coming out very soon. At the same time a production team from Germany's No.1 science tv programm ("Galileo" on the channel "Pro7") visited, too. Producer, camera people and Harro Füllgrabe were here to find out more about ground resonances as a helicopter phenomenon. For this, they have been visiting Airbus Helicopters in Donauwörth the day before. Today, they wanted to do some practical exercise on a helicopter model related to the topic. Just to mention this: it is incredible how difficult it is, to bring a Vario Heli to ground resonances. Our technicans had a lot to improvise in order to provoke them. Once they managed to make them visible, we still were pleased to see how hard it is to destroy a Vario heli. It took us a lot of tricks and attempts! An exciting and interesting day. We are proud of our helis. Thanks to Ann Ruhe and her team!

    What customers say

    Insgesamt möchte ich anmerken, dass die EC 135 für T-Rex 700 ein toller Scaler ist. Höchste Qualitätsstufe und nie vorher so ausgereift gesehen. Kompliment, mit euch macht Scalen richtig Spaß!